Love Hotel District
Love Hotel District Preview
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Your Old Famicom / Ragtime

Alt BGM/Artist

N/A / N/A

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LHDThumbnailThe Love Hotel District is actually what is called in the Dotflow wiki Psychedelic Streets and in the game's original chipsets "Psychedelic" (exterior) and "Sweet Sugar" (interior). As of the newer versions, this area, which was once just a Moonside-like cosmetic location, now has a hotel that can be explored. It can be reached by way of the Rainbow Cliffs or the City Coast , to access either the rooftop maze that leads to an effect or the ground floor of the map, respectively.

Original version Edit

In a nutshell, the area is primarily a black backdrop with neon-outlined buildings and streets and flashing bright signs. Its inhabited by a variety of dark alien creatures resembling squiggles with eyes on them. Atop the roofs are more aliens, blue and pink with their cross-shaped eyes sprouting from their heads on stalks.

Inside the only accessible building are many rooms with maids in them, not to be confused with the more major Gas Mask Maid/Cleaner , who works at the Sugar Hole .

Notable in this area is the sign-holding NPCs, nicknamed by the wiki "Chuckles," (there is also at least one signless Chuckle) and the rave flower event accessible from this location.


The original BGMs for this area are:

  • bgm28 (Love Hotel District)
  • bgm43/bgm45 (Sweet Sugar)
  • bgm38 (Rave Flower Event)
  • naminooto (City Coast)

The Dream Vs. Dream BGM for this stage is Your Old Famicom , by Ragtime. It has yet to be revised.

There is probably also an alt BGM.


[stage files link]

[ost link]

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