Maddysuki's original portrait, courtesy of Tangyoranges.
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Dream Vs. Dream





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April Fool's Alpha Release

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Maddysucky (alternatively spelled Madotsuki, Maddysuki, etc.) is the game's charming protagonist and hallmark character. Originally designed by the eminent portrait artist Orange, Maddysucky's appearance is derived off of the well known protagonist of Yume Nikki, Madotsuki, a game and character respectively you have probably never heard of because they are so underground. Yume Nikki may be featured in Dream Vs. Dream, but such is unlikely. Good thing she is officially in Smash Bros. Brawl, as a super secret character because Nintendo took pity on her due to her audition sucking sideways and put her in with awful model edits but cut her at the last second. She was meant to be a Lucas clone and have her magical knife stick of doom and use PK Sideways omega as her Final Smash, also Nintendo made it so if you manage to get her all pictures will be destroyed.


Like any child at the tender age of six, Maddysucki urines only for love and acceptance. And going sideways. She frequently bothers Usotsuki and believes the two are close friends; however, her angelic cheese-grater voice, JPEG apperance, and dim-witted tendancies don't do her any favors in terms of relationships. Despite this, Maddysuki's ignorance fuels her profoundly healthy self-esteem: each morning, she assesses herself in the mirror and tells herself: "Maddysuki, you are so cool." Her reflection says the same thing back to her! Double the cool! The rest of the cast's insults have nothing on her kindled spirit.

It should be noted that she, without any influence from the voice actress who breathed life into her, Ragtime, has an extreme obsession with Dream Vs. Dream staff member Odin. She continuously strives for his affection and tries hard to make him proud. One time, he even told her he loved her and then they had sex.

Humble BeginningsEdit

Dream Vs


Maddysucky was the only (and all of) the member(s) of the original game cast for the April Fool's Alpha Release. She encompassed the true spirit of professional fighting games with her extensive moveset and talented voice acting. There's not really much to say about her, except that she is simultaneously adorable and horrible.


  • Z - Punch: Maddysuki punches her opponent with the mighty force of a kindergartener.
  • X - Slash: Maddysuki uses her knife to assault the foe.
  • C - Kick: Maddysuki calls on her inner Smile to punt her rivals into submission!

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