Madotsuki is also a wrestler.
Basic Stats
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Yume Nikki




?, Probably older than you.

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Game Specs

Alpha 0.1

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Story elements incomplete and subject to revision.

Madotsuki is a young hikikomori girl who lives in a small apartment somewhere in Japan.

For some unknown reason, she won't leave her room under any circumstances. Instead, she spends most of her time either playing NASU (her favorite and only video game), reading books, or sleeping. However, when she sleeps, she has vivid and strangely consistent dreams that fascinate her. She writes these dreams down in her dream diary.

In game, Madotsuki is a more fragile speed-based character with an emphasis on pressure and okizeme tactics. Her combo ability is great, and she's generally pretty meter efficient unless you're going for really big damage. Her pokes are safe and have great range, as well as some decent defensive options. Her biggest problem comes from her horrible stats, she can be knocked out really quickly unless you're careful.


Madotsuki, for the most part, is a very lackadaisical person. The only thing that excites her anymore are the events in her dreams, but unless something extremely out-of-the-ordinary is happening, she still acts quite lethargic. When in her calmer state, she's incredibly apathetic as well. In addition, she has a bad habit of rejecting things that are unpleasant or incovenient to her, pretending they don't exist and closing herself off from them.

When she's in her more excited state, she exhibits an almost comical amount of childish glee. Her passion for exploring and finding new things in her world of dreams is laughably incongruent with her apathetic and cold normal persona. Her curiosity and love for the unknown are boundless. Strangely enough, she's only like this with her dreams; her curious personality doesn't extend to real life.



A: Book to the face

B: Stab

C: Punch

4C: Uppercut thing


A: Book to the shin

5: Stab:

C: punch


j2C: Punch-from-above thing

j6B: Slash from above

236 A: Yuki-Onna A

236 B: Yuki-Onna B

236 C: Yuki-Onna Special

214 A: Darkened Diary A

214 B: Darkened Diary B

214 C: Darkened Diary C