Please Destroy All Unauthorized Copies Edit

Jeus chirst

a portrait. A portjiatakj

animation??? animation??????? ANIMATION????????????????????? ANIMATION


  • really wants to voice Urotsuki but their voice is really bad right now because of a cold or something that we haven't figured out yet medically


  • Crying about Middens 

    Imagine. A world where guns come out of the ground like plants. And all the water is replaced by Bullet's. This is Gun World. It's real

  • Crying about animation 
  • Singing and looking pretty
  • Crying about art
  • Played like 18-19 YNFGs
  • I can navigate all of Y2kki without a map as of .102c

Job on the DvD team: Edit

Wint wisdom

my top 2013 picks: 1) guns 2) pictures of guns 3) halloween thank you. please look out for the top picks of 2014, which i will do next year.

  • Skeleton animator
  • Morale!??!!?
  • Crying about Y2kki changes
  • I literally can't pixel well enough but my skeletons are top notch to the point where everyones yellin at me not to use too many frames oops 

Summary: Edit

  • Way too excited to animate Urotsuki 
  • So excited that they spent a week with all of Urotsuki's unfinished animations up in photoshop instead of the one that they were actually supposed to animate... from Sabitsuki's moveset
  • All-purpose animator net aidoru or something 
  • Literally begged their way into helping and got accepted out of the kindness of Night's heart 
  • Wrote a good chunk of Urotsuki's route & did Urotsuki's sprites in Dream <3 Dream (April Fool's 2k14)

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