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Plant Cave
Basic Info
Game of Origin


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Stage Artist



Kisa /

Alt BGM/Artist

N/A / N/A

Game Specs


Original version Edit

The Plant Cave is a location in lolrust's .flow. It's a large, labyrinthine map with a lot of sub-sections, mainly divided, in the DotFlow wiki, into Plant Labyrinth and Plant Labyrinth (Past). Generally the cave can be described as a matted series of squarish hallways and doors abundant with green foliage and flowers. Many dying children (presumably from the Alleyway Hospital) wander around here, and can be killed with Sabitsuki's pipe. Notably Plant Boy is also in this area, in his own separate room.


From .flow, the files used in the plant labyrinth are: bgm36 (past labyrinth), bgm35 (present labyrinth, secret room, etc.), bgm12 (ghost garden), and bgm37 (parade).

For Dream Vs. Dream, the current background music is a remix of bgm36 by Kisa.


  • The chipset for the plant labyrinth is named "gensou.png," in romaji. Incidentally, gensou is both the word for geranium (玄草) and illusion (幻想).


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