Basic Stats
Game of Origin





Young adult

Voice Actors




Game Specs

Version 0.2

Alternate Palettes


Story elements incomplete and subject to revision.

In battle, Sabitsuki is a character who can play with spacing extremely well. Her pipe's range is pretty good, and a lot of her moves have a pretty decent range. In addition, her Cat's Walk and Handgun moves allow her to dodge at close range and prevent a lot of long range zoning, forcing her opponents to deal with Sabi's long range pipe normals and easy ways to punish a bad move. However, Sabi must be wary of opponents who can pressure her too much to even allow her to try dodging and staging a counter-attack or opponents who can merely avoid her bullets.


Sabitsuki's bleak environment and physical condition have turned her into a cold and lethargic no-nonesense person. She has very little concern for anyone except for herself, and she acts as if her actions are more important than anyone else's. In a way, from her view, they are. She's a section of her life where it could very well be life or death for her if she doesn't make the right moves... She's extremely apathetic and jaded due to the sights she's seen within her mind.


Unique Attacks:

Gunfire: (6EX)

Reload: (2EX)

Offensive Path Moves:

Five-Arm Piledriver: (63214A/B/C/EX)

Corpse Slam: (236A/B/C/EX)

Defensive Path Moves:

Gut-Bursting Technique: (421A/B/C/EX)

Plant Spores: (236A/B/C/EX)

Mobility Path Moves:

Stop Right There!!: (236A/B/C/EX)

Cat's Walk: (44/66A/B/C/EX)

Special Effects:

Enveloped by Slime: (63214 ATK+EX)

L5 Rust Infection: (22 ATK+EX)

Dream Ender:

Rusted Over

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