Sky Garden
A very sky gardeny place
Basic Info
Game of Origin

Yume Nikki

Token Character


Stage Artist



A walk in the night / Ragtime

Alt BGM/Artist

N/A / N/A

Game Specs

Alpha 0.1


The Sky Garden is one of the most serene stages in Dream vs Dream in contrast to the non-serene ones such as anything that isn't LcdDem.

The music is some kind of orchestral stuff that's based on nothing in the game if I recall correctly.

Original VersionEdit

The Tour of Sky Garden


Sky Garden with Madotsuki and Urotsuki (Old Sprites)

The original version in the actual game is pretty cool too I guess IDK why are we comparing it to the original.

There are some neon coloured people standing by the cliffs, also a really cute teleporting blue creature.


The music is by Ragtime and you can find it on youtube

Dream vs03:04

Dream vs. Dream OST - Sky Garden (A Walk Through the Night)

Pay no attention to the title card image it's not official art it's just some weird skullgirls parody whitepool did on a whim please don't get the wrong idea or anything ok


[ost link]

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