The Sugar Hole
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Stage Artist



Tricks and Ducks and Swans / Plaster

Alt BGM/Artist

N/A / N/A

Game Specs

Sabitsuki Release

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The Sugar Hole stage is to be released with Sabitsuki and the rest of the .flow stages. The art was done by Jello and features a frontal view of the bar. Sometimes Gabe will be present in the seat.

The soundtrack for this stage was done by Plaster. It isn't an arrangement of the original area's music, but a new upbeat electronic theme with leitmotifs from Smile's theme and The Witch's House.

Original version Edit

The Sugar Hole is a small bar and cafe tucked away in the sewers of Sabitsuki's mind (... no literally, that wasn't just a bad metaphor). It appears to be run solely by Cleaner, and comprises two modest, dingy rooms. Sabitsuki can order a drink or a piece of cake for a small price. Becoming a regular unlocks a secret Sugar Hole menu style.

There are up to two other patrons at the bar at any given time. The first is an amorphous, shadowy figure sitting at the last stool who can be hit with the pipe effect for quick cash. He respawns every flow session. The second is a Kaibutsu named Gabe, who is occasionally present on the other side. While is technically non-aggressive, attempting to strike him with the pipe triggers an event which wakes Sabitsuki up.

Based on its location and the tone of the game, there are theories that the food served at the Sugar Hole is either made of sewage, the bodies of the Corrupted Hospital children, or both.

The original Sugar Hole BGM 


The Sugar Hole stage download

Tricks and Ducks and Swans v.0.03

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