Professional lumberjack, cuts down Aoshiru instead of trees.
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Yume 2kki





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Story elements are subject to revision.

Urotsuki is a teenage girl who lives in a nice apartment and does nothing but read, play video games, draw with her computer, and listen to music that helps her dream. She doesn't want to leave her apartment for an unknown reason. Her world of dreams acts as an outlet for her fantasies and inspiration for her artwork.

In game, Urotsuki is an offensive juggernaut, with powerful long-reaching normals and damaging combos. However, she's pretty slow and has a good bit of start up on her moves. She also lacks variety with her options in that she has only one good thing she does well; go on absolute offensive kill mode. However, when backed with the right assists, she can be really powerful, not to mention that tag combos with her and a faster character can make simple and quick hit-confirms turn into ungodly amounts of damage. However, she's pretty awful for assists and without her massive health she gets from being a solo character, she's harder to use...

Urotsuki is a token character from her apartment.


Urotsuki, within her dream world, is an unfettered and unadulterated sort of person. She's fickle and rash, doing whatever crosses her mind with no regard to anything except for her own entertainment. She treats herself like a queen of her dream world, lording over everything with a merciless chainsaw. Because she keeps in mind this fact that she owns her dream world, she gets frustrated when things don't go her away and she demands to always have her way like a spoiled brat.

Despite all that, she's generally pretty kind and cheerful when not raging like some Queen of Hearts wanna-be. She has no problem helping out others, and she gets along pretty well with most of the more important dream figures. She tends to wander around and do whatever she feels like doing, however.


Unique Attacks:

Chainsaw Revving: (2EX)

Offensive Path Moves:

Lamp Fire: (236A/B/C/EX)

Dark-Winged Bat's Descent: (41236A/B/C/EX)

Twintailed Punch: (4(ch)6A/B/C/EX)

Defensive Path Moves:

Blinding Rainbow: (214A/B/C/EX)

When the Cicadas Cry: (236A/B/C/EX)

Mobility Path Moves:

Medabomb: (2(ch)8A/B/C/EX)

Spring-Loaded Uro: (22A/B/C/EX)

Penguin Slide: (236A/B/C/EX)

Special Effects:

Screw the Rules!!: (236 ATK+EX)

Mystery-Solving Glasses: (22 ATK+EX)

Wolf on a Motorcycle: (214 ATK+EX)

Dream Ender:

Urotsuki's PC

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