• JayxemPoop

    I was thinking other day,why Mado is trying to explore her dreams?Why she wants that 24 effects so much?Than,i watch an movie with Leonardo di Caprio,where he makes the same with other people dreams,so,i created this theory.

    Madotsuki is an girl,who have the power to travel trough other people dreams,but how?Well,drugs,maybe she have some pills who make her do this,that would explain how she sleeps so fast (3 seconds) even if this doesn't count.

    Some characters like Poniko,Masada or Mafurako,are just normal real world people,who are dreaming,sleeping,thats why they never actually speaks with Mado,because for them,nothing of that is real

    The ONLY place who is actually from Mado dreams,is her dream version appartment,when she goes trought the d…

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