I was thinking other day,why Mado is trying to explore her dreams?Why she wants that 24 effects so much?Than,i watch an movie with Leonardo di Caprio,where he makes the same with other people dreams,so,i created this theory.

Madotsuki is an girl,who have the power to travel trough other people dreams,but how?Well,drugs,maybe she have some pills who make her do this,that would explain how she sleeps so fast (3 seconds) even if this doesn't count.

Some characters like Poniko,Masada or Mafurako,are just normal real world people,who are dreaming,sleeping,thats why they never actually speaks with Mado,because for them,nothing of that is real

The ONLY place who is actually from Mado dreams,is her dream version appartment,when she goes trought the door,she leaves his "mind",the drugs makes her go to the nexus,some type of "Central Station" where people dreams connect themselfs,thats why the doors,and why the worlds are so different from each other.

but WAIT...and Monoko and Monoe?

Well,thats an good one,maybe Monoe is the "dreamer" and Monoko is just fruit of her dreams,maybe Monoko was Monoe little sister,who died in a car accident or something,because of the crash,her bones fell out of her body,the scene maked Monoe guilt herself for the little sister dead,i have some facts who apoint this:

-She lives in a Black and White world,somethimes,black and white would represent past events,or something ideal.

-The only other color after black and white in Monochrome world,is red,who might represent blood,or something who needs the people attention

-The world have some faces and the "Nose Guys",who would represent paramedics or people who was close to the accident

-both Monoko and Monoe lives in caves,when the player try to interact with Monoe,she just smile and disappear,this "smile" would be an guilt smile,because she would be tryin hide her guilt and sadness

The Toriningen (sorry if i wrote it wrong) are dream guardians,or,for the scientists,the reaction of the people's subconsious to invaders,they good state (non hostile) is when the people mind don't feel in danger,they try to stop Mado from do something wrong,by sending her to the Hell"

The effects,well,now you get me,i don't know how to explain them,but maybe they are just special artifacts from people dreams,who Mado was trying to capture

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