The Wilderness
Basic Info
Game of Origin

Yume Nikki

Token Character

none ( I wish we have Pipi somewhere)

Stage Artist

Somebody's Party [Hardey Drankan Bear Mix] / Ragtime

Alt BGM/Artist

N/A / N/A

Game Specs

Alpha 0.1


The Wilderness (alternatively called the Mysterious Desert) is a stage from Yume Nikki, focusing primarily on the Toriningen Party in the eastern part of that area. It's by and large one of the more upbeat locations in Dream Vs. Dream, in stark contrast to stages such as Helltech Labs and Numbers World. The music is an upbeat arrangement of the original Toriningen boom box theme.

Original VersionEdit

The original Wilderness was a much more expansive and empty-feeling map, with difficult-to-navigate mazes of curly stalks and odd, curvy architecture. It's home to a number of notable features: the towel effect, Aztec Rave Monkey event, the hot bath house, and many other exciting things that are too exciting for a commoner such as yourself to know.

Toriningen Picnic OST

Wilderness OST

Tour of the Wilderness


The background music for this stage is by Ragtime, featuring sound effects from by:

  • Department64 (cat meows) under Creative Commons 0
  • Smokeyvw (party horns) under Creative Commons Attribution
  • Dobroide (fireworks crackle) under Creative Commons Attribution
  • Heigh-hoo (fireworks KABOOOM) under Creative Commons 0

Also they don't endorse these files.


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